Short learning programme: Financial Analysis for Economic Regulation

3rd August 2015

Short learning programme: Financial Analysis for Economic Regulation

The Centre for Competition, Regulation and Economic Development (CCRED) at the University of Johannesburg is honoured to host a Short Learning Programme (SLP) in Financial Analysis for Economic Regulation.

Accounting and finance are key areas of work at economic regulators and play a critical role in the determination of tariffs and the assessment of firm conduct. Different costing methodologies can result in very different tariffs for regulated entities or different evaluations of a firm’s conduct. In capital intensive industries, capital investments can account for the bulk of a regulated entity’s costs, and therefore the costs of capital need to be carefully weighed when arriving at a final tariff or evaluating a firm’s conduct.

Providing a strong theoretical and practical foundation for these key issues, this SLP is targeted at staff employed at competition authorities, economic regulators, departments within government and regulated enterprises, private practitioners and students.

The SLP will be led by Thabiso Madiba, an accounting professional and academic at the University of Johannesburg. Dr Stephen Labson, an international expert on regulation and finance and a Senior Research Fellow at CCRED, will provide specialist training on cost of capital. Ryan Hawthorne, a Senior Research Fellow of CCRED, and Nicholas Nhundu, a Researcher at CCRED, will also teach on and facilitate the course.

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