SADC releases recommendations on Congo

25th April 2017 By: African News Agency

SADC releases recommendations on Congo

The Troika Ministerial Assessment Follow Up Mission of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) has released its recommendations following a visit to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

The Chairperson of SADC’s Organ on Politics, Defence and Security Cooperation, Tanzanian President John Magufuli, deployed the follow-up mission to the DRC capital, Kinshasa, from April 19-22, to assess the current political and security situation in the country.

The mission was part of the mandate received from the Extraordinary Summit held in Lozitha, Swaziland, on April 17.

Following consultations and exchange of views with the various stakeholders, the Organ Troika Ministerial Mission welcomed the efforts of the President of the DRC to push forward the political process, in spite of the obstacles encountered in the implementation of the Political Agreement and, in particular, the Special Arrangements.

The mission noted with concern that the demise of the leader of the opposition, Etienne Tshisekedi wa Mulumba had complicated the implementation of the Special Arrangements, and resulted in political procrastination in the appointment of the Chairperson of the National Monitoring Committee (NMC).

All political stakeholders were urged to support the establishment of a government of national unity which would prioritise socio-economic programmes in order to improve the livelihood conditions of the Congolese people.

The escalation of violence and insecurity in the Kasai Provinces perpetrated by the Kamwina Nsapu militia group was condemned.

The mission noted that there was ample consensus on the need for the conducting of peaceful, credible and transparent elections in order for the country to enter into a new political and democratic dispensation.

Efforts by the Commission Electorale Nationale Indépendante (CENI) in registering close to 23 million voters out of an estimated 45 million were commended and all relevant stakeholders were urged to continue supporting CENI in the preparation of the electoral process.

The SADC’s efforts to support the ongoing implementation process of the December 2016 Political Agreements were reaffirmed and all stakeholders were called on to finalise the implementation of the Special Arrangements, in line with the Constitutional Provisions.

Finally the mission called upon the international community to continue supporting the implementation of the December 2016 Agreement and respect the wishes of the Congolese people with a view to ensuring the sustainable peace, security and stability of the DRC.