SA: Committee condemns attacks on emergency personnel

10th November 2017

SA: Committee condemns attacks on emergency personnel

Photo by: Bloomberg

The Select Committee on Social Services condemns the growing number of attacks on emergency medical service (EMS) personnel while they are on duty.

The Committee notes that criminals target EMS personnel while they are delivering lifesaving services to the people. “It is deeply saddening that as a result of these awful attacks, an eight-year-old boy died following an attack on an ambulance transporting him to hospital,” said Ms Cathy Dlamini, the Chairperson of the Committee.

The Committee is of the view that the more than 30 attacks on EMS personnel in the Western Cape are unacceptable and has called for a comprehensive strategy on how to deal with these attacks. “The full might of the law must be applied to the thugs that continue to terrorise communities and EMS personnel,” Ms Dlamini emphasised.

The community must also play a pivotal role in the fight against criminality, as the police cannot win the fight without the assistance of the community. The Committee applauds the EMS personnel for continuing to offer their services despite the challenges they face.    


Issued by Parliamentary Communication Services on behalf of the Chairperson of the Select Committe on Social Services, Cathy Dlamini