S Panayiotou and Others (CC26/2016) [2017] ZAECPEHC 53

3rd November 2017

S Panayiotou and Others (CC26/2016) [2017] ZAECPEHC 53

[1] Uxoricide, an amalgam of the Latin Uxor, meaning wife, and, conjoined by the suffix cide, from caedere, meaning “to cut”, “to kill” is a word, aeons old, which connotes the murder of a wife by her husband. This is the quintessence of this trial in which Christopher Constantinou Panayiotou is principally charged with the murder of his spouse, the deceased, Jayde Lyn Panayiotou.

[2] The indictment cites four (4) persons as the accused viz,

Christopher Constantinou Panayiotou,                Accused No.1

Sizwezakhe Vumazonke,                                     Accused No. 2

Sinethemba Nemembe, and                                Accused No. 3

Zolani Sibeko.                                                      Accused No. 4