PAC: Parliament Speaker refuses to listen to the PAC, she is openly defying PAC

6th October 2017

PAC: Parliament Speaker refuses to listen to the PAC, she is openly defying PAC

Photo by: Reuters

The Speaker of the National Assembly is undermining the Pan Africanist Congress, she is arrogantly refusing to honour the wish of the PAC to replace its expelled President, Mr Mbinda.

In the past, we have never had such a crises under Frene Ginwala and Max Sisulu, these two previous Speakers have always acted objectively and at all material occasions respected their position.

The leadership of the PAC took a collective decision in the guise of NEC to expel Mr Mbinda after he have failed to show up before the disciplinary committee to face his charges of bringing the party into disrepute.

Following the decision of the PAC leadership on the 14th, the letter was sent to the office of Speaker to replace a former representative of the party into the parliament. The speaker have never shown always shown reluctance with absolute no interest to act. It is now about 4 months without any positive response.

There is a strong impression that the Speaker have a serious interest into this issue, the reason might be that they are homeboys and homegirls, they are from one province. We are surprised to see this man being allowed to represent himself in the parliament because our political system requires that political formations contest elections and thereafter deploys its comrade, no individual can represent himself or herself.

While we are not just folding our arms, we have written to the office of Public Protector (PP) to intrervene as taxpayers money is being used unduly and illegally to pay a non-member of the parliament. This is not a concern only to the PAC but entire country because the public funds are now being used to sustain friendships and relationships. We are also working with our legal team to try and end this "joke".


Issued by PAC