NEHAWU: NEHAWU ends strike at Rhodes University

19th May 2017

NEHAWU: NEHAWU ends strike at Rhodes University

The National Education Health and Allied Workers’ Union [NEHAWU] has concluded negotiations on salary and allowance adjustment and accepted the revised offer from the management of the Rhodes University thus ending the strike.

The accepted revised offer is a victory to workers in that:

The national union will continue to raise sharply the issues related to transformation as raised with the management of the University last month and will not rest until all services are insourced and workers are absorbed permanently by the University. Once again, we appeal to the university to prioritise and treat its workforce with dignity and respect if it wants to excel as a world class institution.

We warn the management against planning to victimise members and workers who were on strike and workers must be allowed to go back to work with no persecution or intimidation. In this regard, the union would also like to warn the university management well in advance about the serious consequences that will follow should they entertain any thoughts of retrenchments as a strategy to make up for lost revenue. If indeed there is lost revenue and they are in financial turmoil then they should solicit a political intervention for urgent financial rescue plan from government.

We salute members and workers for being resolute in the fight to improve their working conditions and creation of conducive working environment.


Issued by NEHAWU