Freedom Front Plus wants affirmative action to be phased out

4th March 2009 By: Esmarie Swanepoel - Creamer Media Senior Deputy Editor: Australasia

The Freedom Front Plus (FF) told business people that it would like to see affirmative action be phased out in the next five years.

Party representative Piet Uys said that the FF feels that affirmative action, as a temporary measure, had served its purpose.

“The FF is further campaigning for special measures to have people that have been sidelined by affirmative action replaced in the mainstream economy.”

The FFP would also support amendments to the Employment Equity Act.

He stated that the Employment Equity Act should be amended to make it possible for the equal treatment of all young people. Since its inception, affirmative action had seen 2,6-million black South Africans rise to the top levels of the country, at the same time more than 400 000 white South Africans has been sidelined from the mainstream economy, Uys pointed out.

Further, Uys stated that South Africa currently had a two-tier economy, one which could compete on a global level, and the other which consisted of mainly basic infrastructure.

This was indicative that a government economic policy could not be simplified into a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution, he said.

However, Uys added that the FF supported the disbandment of the exchange control, as it promoted free trade.

The private sector should also be encouraged to train employees.

Uys also added that South Africa came into the global economy at a fairly low level of development, and that a lack of skills was one of the major concerns standing in the way of economic development. He stated that the private sector should also be encouraged to support the training of employees.

“Sustainable self-providing communities are the only countermeasure against impoverishment in a global economy.”

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