Daily Podcast – May 26, 2017

26th May 2017 By: Thabi Madiba - Creamer Media Research Assistant and Reporter

Daily Podcast – May 26, 2017

DA Leader Mmusi Maimane
Photo by: Reuters

May, 26 2017.
For Creamer Media in Johannesburg, I’m Thabi Madiba.

Making headlines:
Maimane deported to SA from Zambia due to 'unknown reasons'
New state capture report launched at Wits
And, Malema says everything in Africa belongs to us, we must reclaim it’


Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane was deported to South Africa, for reasons unknown, when he landed in Zambia, his spokesperson Graham Charters said yesterday night.

Charters said when Maimane arrived at the Lusaka Airport at around 18:30pm yesterday evening, there were members of the police and immigration police already waiting for him on the tarmac on the runway.

Charters stated that they stormed the plane and things turned physical when they tried to remove Maimane from the plane and when Maimane tried to reach for his phone. His phone was confiscated by the legal authorities.

He was then ordered to take the next flight back to South Africa.


The need for drastic economic reform cannot justify the widespread looting of state coffers, while the current state capture networks active in South Africa pose a dire threat to the country's long-term future.

These were some of the sentiments shared by a group of academics gathered at the Wits Business School in Johannesburg yesterday, where the State Capacity Research Project launched a scathing report on state capture and other problems currently facing South Africa and the ruling ANC.

The report, titled Betrayal of the Promise: How South Africa is being stolen, is the result of a collaborative effort involving nine researchers from a range of local universities. The report is an academically-centered research paper that details how the likes of the powerful Gupta family have effectively hijacked key government institutions and state owned companies.


Africans need to come together if they want to reclaim the economy, the land and the resources on the continent, Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema said yesterday.

Speaking at an Africa Day celebration concert, Malema told hundreds gathered at Joubert Park in central Johannesburg that South Africans were selective in their xenophobia and only targeted their fellow African brothers and sisters.

He called for an end to xenophobia, saying the only way African people would succeed on the continent would be if they all came together.

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