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26 May 2017
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Tourism Act 3 of 2014
(Act 3 of 2014 G. 37538 GoN 268)
To  provide  for  the  development  and  promotion  of  sustainable  tourism  for  the benefit of the Republic, its residents and its visitors; to provide for the continued existence of the South...
Tourism Act [No. 3 of 2014](Gazette 37538 Government Notice 268)
The Presidency
Tourism Act [No. 3 of 2014](Gazette 37538 Government Notice 268)
Transport Laws Repeal Act 10 of 2010
(Act 10 of 2010 G. 33828 GoN 1148)
To repeal certain obsolete or redundant transport laws.
Unemployment Insurance Amendment Act 10 of 2016 (English/Tshivenda)
(Act 10 of 2016 G 40557 GoN 35)
To amend the Unemployment Insurance Act, 2001, so as to provide for the extension of the unemployment insurance benefits to learners who are undergoing learnership training and civil servants; to...
Voluntary Disclosure Programme and Taxation Laws Second Amendment Act 8 of 2010
(Act 8 of 2010 G. 33727 GoN 1025)
To introduce a voluntary disclosure programme; amend the Transfer Duty Act, 1949, so as to provide for electronic submission of returns and electronic payment of duty; amend the Income Tax Act,...
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