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25 February 2017
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23 Nov 2016
Protection, Promotion, Development and Management of Indigenous Knowledge Systems B6-2016
[B. 6- 2016]
To provide for the protection, promotion, development and management of indigenous knowledge systems; to provide for the establishment and functions of the National Indigenous Knowledge Systems...
28 Oct 2016
Red Tape Impact Assessment Bill B13-2016
[B. 13-2016]
To provide for the assessment of regulatory measures developed by the executive, the legislatures and self-regulatory bodies in all three spheres of government, so as to detect and reduce red tape...
02 Apr 2016
Performers’ Protection Amendment Bill B24-2016
[B. 24 - 2016]
To amend the Performers’ Protection Act, 1967, so as to insert or substitute certain definitions; and to provide for matters connected therewith.
26 Dec 2015
Children's Amendment Bill B13-2015
[B. 13 - 2015
To amend the Children’s Act, 2005, so as to insert certain definitions; to provide that a person convicted of a sexual offence, or an offence for the possession of child pornography, be deemed...
25 Dec 2015
Children’s Second Amendment Bill B14-2015
[B14 - 2015]
Children’s Second Amendment Bill B14B-2015 B. 14B - 2015
04 Nov 2013
Infrastructure Development Bill B49-2013
[B. 49 - 2013]
Infrastructure Development Bill [B. 49 - 2013]
19 Apr 2012
Electoral Act (Act 73 of 1998): Publication of reviewed lists of candidates
list of candidates reviewed by the political party in question in accordance with item 21 of Schedule 1A to the Electoral Act, 1998 (Act No 73 of 1998) is published in the Annexure in terms of item...
16 Apr 2011
General Intelligence Laws Amendment Bill B25A-2011
[B. 25A - 2011]
General Intelligence Laws Amendment Bill B25A-2011
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