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26 March 2017
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30 Sep 2014
Swimming upstream: The near miss of a very Scottish Salmond
Brandon Hamber
I’ve been lucky enough to live through some amazing political times, the first South African democratic election in 1994 and the signing of the Belfast Agreement in Northern Ireland in 1998 being...
26 Oct 2012
Some lessons from Fearless Felix
Look South - Brandon Hamber
Watching Felix Baumgartner free-fall from space and break the sound barrier was extraordinary. As he climbed out of his little balloon with the curve of the earth below him, I was in awe both at...
03 Aug 2012
Social media – friend or foe?
Look South - Brandon Hamber
I am somewhat addicted to Twitter, and marginally hooked on Facebook. I find them useful in following multiple news sources, building a work profile and staying in contact with friends across the...
08 Jun 2012
Putting the Presidential pickle in perspective
Look South - Brandon Hamber
I was 17 when I personally first encountered censorship. I produced a school play in the late 1980s which reached the finals of a play festival in Johannesburg.
09 Mar 2012
The serious business of tree hugging
Look South - Brandon Hamber
Back in 2001, infamous tough politician from Sinn Fein Gerry Adams admitted that he liked hugging trees. At the time, he noted: "Hugging trees has a calming affect on me. I'm talking about enormous...
16 Dec 2011
Christmas is the time for taking
Look South - Brandon Hamber
As a South African, one is used to industrial action, so it was strange to see the UK up in arms over a public-sector strike recently.
28 Oct 2011
Does size matter?
Look South - Brandon Hamber
There is a story about Steve Jobs, the late cofounder of Apple, and it goes something likes this: When the first prototype of the iPod was produced, it was shown to Jobs by one of his engineers....
26 Aug 2011
Who is fit to lead the moral regeneration of a broken society?
Look South
If you are anywhere in the British Isles it is difficult to think about anything else this week than the riots that flared up across England. The wanton looting and extensive property damage were...
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