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8 December 2016
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25 Feb 2011
DTI is building capacity for industrial development
The Corporate Strategy and Industrial Development Research Programme (CSID) - the University of the Witwatersrand's (Wits') economics policy research unit of which I am director – hosted a launch...
21 Jan 2011
Govts must carefully manage global integration in today’s uncertain world
We enter 2011 with much global economic uncertainty. South Africans should consider the country's economic policies and activities within the context of an uncertain and volatile global economy.
14 Jan 2011
2011 – another year of global economic uncertainty
The year 2010 sped past at a high speed. We still have not recovered from the global financial and economic crises and the sovereign debt crises may still lead us into the second dip of a global...
10 Dec 2010
Straight talk on the exchange rate debate
We have had much discussion about the exchange rate over the past few years. This discussion has had trade unions and certain manufacturers on one side and representatives of financial institutions...
19 Nov 2010
Capitalism is different from free market libertarianism
There is a view that people should be free to do whatever they want with their wealth. In fact, most people – rich and poor – would balk at the idea of the State telling them how they can use their...
05 Nov 2010
Forget 7% yearly growth; just support the right kind of growth
There is an idea from government that the South African economy should grow at 7% a year. There seems to be a belief that growing that fast will help solve our unemployment problems.
29 Oct 2010
Currency wars and other myths
Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan recently repeated the sensationalist fears promoted in the mainstream business media about the possibility of currency wars and trade protectionism.
08 Oct 2010
Crisis in Greece provides important lessons
The there are many internal problems in Greece that contributed to the country’s relatively high level of debt, which led the sovereign debt crisis.
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