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Annual Labour Law Conference News

LRA a Highlight on Labour Law Journey

19th July 2017 The passing of the Labour Relations Act in 1995 a year after the advent of South Africa’ democracy must rate as the highlight of the labour law landscape over the past 30 years, says Professor Rochelle Le Roux in the Faculty of Law at the University of Cape Town, and director of the Institute of... 

Working anywhere, anytime: The effects of technology on the world of work

13th July 2017 Advances in digital technology such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers which enable employees to work at home and elsewhere are rapidly transforming the traditional model of work. The use of such technology has enabled employees to work ‘anywhere, anytime.’ Employers tend to... 

Future of trade unions

12th July 2017 South African workers are finding the workplace more uncertain with trade unions seemingly as less effective. For this reason Lindiwe Maqutu, lecturer in Labour Law and Introductory Constitutional Law at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, believes the plenary session on the future of trade unions... 

Can you claim constructive dismissal without proof of an intolerable employment relationship?

22nd May 2017 The judge described this case as a tale of white mischief in the farming community of the Eastern Cape. An employee, and a 49 percent shareholder in the business, was employed as a professional hunter and safari leader at a game lodge. The employee and his family, and the boss and his family... 

But I didn’t do anything! - Derivative misconduct in the workplace

10th April 2017 Derivative misconduct occurs when an employer is faced with a situation where misconduct has occurred (often in a collective context) but the employer can’t identify exactly who the perpetrators of the misconduct are. At the same time, the employer is sure that the employees know who the... 

The status of witchcraft in the workplace

3rd April 2017 By Nicci Whitear, LLM, Senior lecturer, UKZN; CCMA Commissioner and consultant attorney at Austen Smith attorneys, PMB [Johannesburg, South Africa, 17 February 2017]   Witchcraft is an extremely emotive term, and it is a significant issue in South African society generally, and in the South...