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23 May 2017
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In the case of the Competition Commission v Bank of America Merrill Lynch International Limited and seventeen others, the Competition Tribunal will place all public versions of the respective filings on its website once they have been received by our registry. The first filing in this matter, for which we provide a link above, is the complaint referral, the document which initiates proceedings, and which was  filed by the Competition Commission with our registry on the 15th February 2017. In terms of the rules of the Competition Tribunal the respondents have 20 business days after being served* with a referral to file their answers. The public version of the answers will also be made available on the website once we receive them.


(* Note that the date of service may not be the same date on which the referral was filed with our registry. Note further that in many cases time periods for filings of documents may be extended either by agreement between parties or with the leave of the Tribunal .)

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